About Sarah




Hi I’m Sarah.

I’m a “people photographer” – I love photographing weddings, portraits & events.

I have been a busy mum for 8 years and started a photography business in 2013 because it was the only job that would give me enough flexibility to work around “mum life” - I also love meeting new people and creating pictures for them.

My daughter and I live on a farm in Whangarei. We are a little bit townie & and little bit rural.

Some people ask if I have “studied photography”, the journey of this has been a long one. I learnt the “rules” of photography in high school, shooting on film & developing my own prints in the dark room during lunch time at Whangarei Girls' High.

In my early 20’s I went on to do a Diploma in Performing Arts. Here I learnt the most about people, storytelling, on camera and off camera etiquette and most importantly, creating my own work, which I continue to do.

Many acting courses and amateur plays later … and a baby, I realised acting just was not going to work in small town Whangarei.

I went on to study a Certificate in Small Business Management in 2011, getting my first DSLR camera in 2012 & photographing my Mum’s wedding one week later!

With lots of practice, short weekend courses, online education and advice from other photographers I have built my business & portfolio up over the last 4-5 years by focusing on it every day.

I have met well over 100 small business owners in the last 2 years and I am a big fan of creating professional images for their business branding & supporting local businesses when I can.

I love savoury food with a coffee – a well fed photographer is a happy photographer!

If you love my portfolio and would like to book please email me at sarah@sarahjmarshall.com


“Providing creative and professional imagery that show your natural personality and character in a relaxed and fun environment”


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